Welcome to MusicNits


What is MusicNits?

MusicNits is a growing blog where you will find advice for starting up your own home studio. Other topics I plan to write about include equipment for beginner piano students as well as other music-related subjects.


Additionally I upload product reviews for things like microphones, speakers, headphones, and other home studio items. Skip to The Nits or Studio Gear now, or read on.

What is a Nit?

According to science, a nit is a measure of the brightness of a light. However this blog uses the term to describe my blog posts.

Who are you?

I am Sax-Flyer, an experienced saxophone/piano player with roots in blues and jazz styles but experience at the collegiate level. I take my music and music in general very seriously and I think that I should share my passion with you! You can check in the sidebar to hear my music on SoundCloud.

What Now?

Now that you’ve read my intro, you should check out the Studio Gear page, where you’ll get a short introduction to starting a home studio. The main page to see is The Nits. That is where you will find reviews of various gear for music production.